Concannon Fitness Center arial view

The Peterson Recreation Center and Concannon Fitness Center are operated primarily to serve the recreational and fitness needs of the Providence College students.

Membership for Providence College undergraduate students is free with the presentation of a valid student PC ID card. Many programs are also available to students, most without cost, but some programs may require a user participation fee.

Eligible Individuals

The College recognizes the desirability of extending Peterson Recreation Center and Concannon Fitness Center membership to non-students who are connected to Providence College in various ways.  Below is a list of membership categories.  Individuals who are represented in one or more of these categories are eligible for membership, and certain categories are eligible for free membership.  Visit the Membership Fee Structure page for more information on membership pricing.  Please note, certain membership plans may have restrictions associated with usage (i.e. hours of accessibility).

  • Full-Time Graduate Student
  • Full-Time Graduate Assistants
  • Full-Time degree-seeking SCE Student (6 or more credits)
  • Full-Time Faculty/Staff
  • Full-Time Faculty/Staff Family*
  • Part-time Faculty/Staff**
    **Please note that faculty must be teaching in the semester membership is purchased.
  • PC Retired Faculty/Staff & those with Emeritus status
  • PC Retired Faculty/Staff Family*
  • Dominican Community

Each eligible member, excluding undergraduate students, will be required to complete and submit a membership form, along with applicable membership fees. Each approved member will receive a membership card granting him/her access to the Peterson Recreation Center and Concannon Fitness Center. There will be a fee to replace any lost or stolen membership cards.

*Immediate family of full-time faculty/staff, retired faculty/staff and Emeritus faculty are eligible for membership. Immediate family is defined as spouse and dependent children 18 years old or younger. Children under the age of 16 shall not be granted access to the Concannon Fitness  Center , and may only use the Peterson Recreation Center , beginning Fridays at noon and extending until Sunday at 10pm, when accompanied by a parent. These time restrictions will vary for holiday and summer open periods as well. A family membership may only be purchased with an annual membership of the faculty/staff member.