​Membership Fee Structure

The Fee Structure was developed by the Department of Recreational Sports and approved by the Providence College Cabinet. Faculty, staff, and other individuals may choose to purchase memberships or guest privileges.

Eligible Member Year Fall and Spring Semesters Summer (June – August)
Full-time Undergraduate Student Free with valid PC ID Free with valid PC ID​ Free with valid PC ID
Full-time Graduate Student N/A $50 per semester $50
Part-time & Full-time, degree-seeking SCE Student (6 credits or more) N/A $50 per semester $50​
Part-time Faculty/Staff Please note that faculty must be teaching in semester membership is purchased N/A $100 per semester $50
Full-time Faculty/Staff Family and Retired Faculty/Staff Family
*(Restrictions apply)
$150 for 1st family member, $50 for each additional family member N/A N/A
PC Retired Faculty/Staff $225 $100 per semester $50
Dominican Community Free with valid PC ID Free with valid PC ID Free with valid PC ID
Guest Pass ***
(Restrictions apply)
$10 per person/per visit $10 per person/per visit $10 per person/per visit

Full-Time Faculty/Staff, Graduate Assistants and Retired Faculty with Emeritus Status:

Membership to the Concannon Fitness Center is free. This includes all group fitness classes. A membership form is still required to activate your PC ID. Please note a new form needs to be filled out by September 1 each year to keep your membership active.

Please click here to fill out the yearly membership form.

Part-Time Faculty/Staff, Retired Faculty/Staff:

Part-time employees of the College as well as Retired Faculty/Staff are eligible for membership for a fee. Please see membership form for pricing details.

Family Memberships for Full-Time Faculty/Staff and Retired Faculty/Staff:

Family memberships are available to full-time faculty/staff and retired faculty/staff for a fee.  Please see membership form for pricing details.

SCE Students:

Full-time and part-time (6 credits or more) degree seeking students are eligible for membership for a fee.  Please bring your membership form and payment to our Member Services Office in Peterson 216 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you wish to pay by via cash or check, you may drop off your form and your payment to our Welcome Desk Supervisor in Concannon after normal business hours. If you wish to pay via credit card, this needs to be done during regular business hours. If you need special arrangements made, please contact Cara Vaz at 865-2352 and she will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Pro-Rated Memberships:

We do pro-rate memberships throughout the year. The schedule is as follows:


  •  October 4th: 25% discount
  • November 7th: 50% discount
  • December 11th: 75% discount
  • January 1st: Fee will be $10 for remainder of semester (valid until 1/15)


  • February 23rd: 25% discount
  • March 23rd: 50% discount
  • April 26th: 75% discount
  • May 18th: Fee will be $10 for the remainder of semester (valid until 5/31)


  • July 16th: 50% discount

Additional Information:

  • Use of the varsity weight room is not included in any membership.
  • Lockers are also available for rent, and are $25 per semester or $50 per year (subject to availability).

*Please see General Policies and Regulations for more details.

***Please see the Guest Pass Section.