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Facility Policies

These policies are in place to promote the safety and well being of all those using the facilities.

Begly Arena Rules

  1. Sneakers, shorts, sweats, shirts, or other appropriate attire is required.
  2. NO cleats, spikes, flip-flops, sandals or other such shoes are to be worn.
  3. NO food or drink.
  4. NO smoking.

Indoor Track Rules

  1. Inside lanes are reserved for walkers and slower runners; the outside lanes are to be used for speed workouts and faster runners.
  2. Inline skates may be worn on the track, but must be put on and taken off in the field house.
  3. Absolutely no spikes or cleats are permitted on the track.
  4. Please clean or wipe your shoes before entering the field house.

Cuddy Racquetball/Handball Rules

  1. Standard safety equipment is strongly recommended when using the courts (eyewear, plastic racquet frames, wrist lanyards, etc.)
  2. Black-soled or marking shoes are not permitted inside the courts.
  3. Persons not observing the rules will be subject to loss of privileges.

Locker Room Rules

  1. Providence College and the Department of Recreational Sports staff cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Lockers are limited for daily use basis only, the Recreational Sports staff reserves the right to cut locks after the closing of each day.
  3. PLEASE keep the locker areas clean, be respectful to the other members of the Peterson Recreation  and Concannon Fitness Centers.